OpenNTF has received four more XPages controls as part of the development contest sponsored by We4IT.

Recaptcha control from Marco Dreher:

This control uses the Google's Recaptcha API to bring captchas to your XPages applications instantly. Watch the video. Marco is a first time contributor.

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Calendar plan controls from Kateryna Czerniachowska and Grzegorz Pawlak:

The Calendar plan controls are two controls for planning project schedules: 1. filter projects in calendar, 2. sequence of tasks in Gantt. Watch the video. Both Kateryna and Grzegorz are first time contributors.

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JQuery library controls from Declan Lynch:

This control adds the jQuery library to your XPages. Watch the video. As shown in the screenshots the two controls have been implemented via the extensibility API.

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Sliding login control from Declan Lynch:

This control is a login panel that slides in from the top of the screen. Watch the video.

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