I've uploaded a new release of Social Enabler.

I blogged earlier about how to display XPages in the Embedded Experience in the IBM Social Business Toolkit. I rendered the XPages inline and passed the document UNIDs to be rendered in the Embedded Experience as URL parameters to the gadget and then forwarded them to the XPages. However this can cause issues since some containers might cache the gadget definition. So rather than URL parameters contextual data should be used as documented in the tutorial.

This results in the following static gadget.xml which can be used generically for all XPages. "__MODULE_ID__" is replaced by the container at runtime with a unique value so that you can run different instances of the gadgets at the same time. At the bottom of the screenshot you can see how the XPages are embedded via iFrames.

A picture named M2

The API has been extended so that you can pass in the gadget URL as well as the XPage URL. The XPage will then be rendered within an iFrame.

Also my colleague Ryan Baxter blogged yesterday about some of the IBM proposals for how to extend OpenSocial in 2.0. This includes a proposal for the Embedded Experience.

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