I've released a new version of File Navigator. Here are some of the new features:

Language support: Norwegian language has been added.

The context menu is now sensitive - it shows only the menu items which are applicable for the current selection.
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Zip and unzip support was added. You can now zip and unzip files from within File Navigator. You although can enable automagically unzipping files when dropping them from within a Notes document onto File Navigator.
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The replace dialog has been changed to reflect a more operating system like behavior.
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I'd like to thank the following people who made it possible that File Navigator is a multi-language application.

Danish - Mikkel Heisterberg (http://www.lekkimworld.com)
Dutch - Vince Schuurman (http://www.schuurman.be)
French - Jerome Deniau (http://www.inform-france.com)
Italian - Fabrizia Marchesano (http://www.frameweb.it)
Norwegian - Fred Husoy (http://www.iSi.no)
Spanish - Albert Buendia (http://www.eslug.es)

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