Last week Stephan Wissel posted a project to make the deployment of plugins on Domino servers easier. This is important if you want to deploy the XPages Extension Library for example.

Karsten Lehmann tried the tool but discovered some things that didn't work well and identified missing functionality. Instead of waiting for these improvements he just created a new release with many extensions. Similarly he had also extended another project Mobile Documents last year.

Thanks a lot to Karsten. This creates value for the community (see for example Sean Cull's tweet).

Here is how Karsten describes the new release:

- plugins did not get deployed properly in previous version (comparison with wrong form name to read plugin documents)
- the database now handles removals and additions of features/plugins properly (previous version had issues because the files were still accessed by the http task)
- selection formula for deployment lookup views fixed (did not contain created deployment documents)
- http task restart command changed from "tell http restart" to "restart task http"; "tell http restart" does not restart the JVM used by the XPages runtime
- deployment now works on Linux (method checkAndCreateDir had path issues)
- bugfix in hide-when formula of "Deploy now" button

New features:
- option "Server is running Lotus Traveler" added to deployment form to automatically restart the traveler task before the http task shutdown (otherwise, the traveler task might hang)
- Optimized logging: server name and deployed plugins/features are now printed in log documents
- Optimized error handling: full stacktrace of errors is now written to the server console
- log documents and deployment documents can now be deleted
- database is now a template with template name "StdEclipseUpdateSitePlus"

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