Now that OpenNTF is incorporated as a nonprofit, and 23 companies have signed up to be Members, we are now ready to hold the election for the founding Board of Directors.  

The OpenNTF Bylaws call for two types of Directors:  

- Member Directors:  Each of the 23 OpenNTF corporate Members may nominate someone for the Board.  If more than 9 people are nominated, there will be an election  – where each Member has one vote.

- Contributor Directors:  Since so much of the work of OpenNTF is carried out by individuals, the registered contributors will be represented on the Board by 3 Contributor Directors.  Anyone who is a Registered OpenNTF Contributor (ie – covered by an ICLA or CCLA) may be nominated.  If more than 3 Contributors are nominated, then there will be an election – where each registered Contributor has one vote.  

Please send your nominations to  

Nominations will close on October 7.  We will distribute statements from the nominees on October 10, and voting will take place from October 13th to 17th.

We will be posting updates on the elections over the next couple of weeks.

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